Pringles Stix Cracker Sticks, Crispy, Baked Wheat, Cheese

individually wrapped baked snack sticks. Less than 100 calories per pack. Artificially flavored. 0 g trans fat. Crispy! Crunchy! A cracker! A stick! Pringles Stix have it all. Wrapped up in every baked stick is a snacking experience that is truly more than words - it's a totally different kind of Pringle! So snap to it! And taste the crispy, cracker stick that's sure to be a hit with the whole family. Anytime, anywhere, Stix is it! Tease your tongue with cheese. The tangy cheese flavor on these crunchy sticks will make you say more cheese, please. Cheese Pringles Stix - just one of the deliciously fantastic flavors ready to burst from the box in these all-crunchy, all-crispy, cracker Stix! Product of Thailand.