Wild Delight Sizzle N' Heat Bird Food, Advanced Formula

Squirrels taste the heat, birds don't! Primary Birds: Attracts and feeds cardinals, American goldfinches, red-breasted nuthatches, black-capped chickadees and other songbirds. Advanced Formula: Wild Delight Advanced Formula products are blended with premium ingredients, like real fruits and nuts, selected for their high nutrient content. They're nutritionally fortified with an added supplement. Wild Delight products are designed to provide premium nutrition to help outdoor pets thrive. The Advanced Formula mixes attract more of the colorful songbirds that you to watch. www.wildelight.com. www.wbfi.org. Find us on facebook. We proudly support American Cancer Society. D & D Commodities Ltd. and the American Cancer Society are working together to raise breast cancer awareness and save more lives. D & D Commodities Ltd. makes a contribution each year to support the American Cancer Society and for the use of its logo. The American Cancer Society does not endorse any products or services. As a proud member Wild Bird Feeding Industry. Meets WBFI Quality Standards. What is the WBFI: Founded in 1984, the Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI) is a trade association that includes a diverse group of businesses and retailers who have come together with a common purpose - to enhance the outdoor bird feeding experience for consumers. To find out more, go online to www.wbfi.org. Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Project Feederwatch Sponsor. Frequent Buyer Club: Buy 10 get 1 free! Learn about our Frequent Buyer Club and download a form at www.wildelight.com. 100% Recyclable. Made in the USA.