Poochie Chews, Daily, Mini Knot, Beef & Cheese Flavored

For small dogs. American beefhide treats for dogs. Chewy & easily digested. Microwave for a softer chew. The new name in dog treats. Feeding your dog a Poochie Chew daily will help promote white teeth and healthy gums. The chewy texture will help clean above and below the dog's gum line. We use beefhide and quality flavors combined with a unique high heat extrusion process to make a chew your dog will love! Since this is a unique product, the degree of flexibility will vary for each chew. For a softer chew, microwave for 10-15 seconds. Select the appropriate chew size for your dog. Easily digested. Promotes white teeth and healthy gums. Flavored inside and out. Helps control tartar & plaque. Microwave 10-15 seconds for a softer chew. No air - only dense, chewy rawhide. Chewy rawhide helps promote white teeth and healthy gums. Made from American beefhide in Mexico. Packaged in the USA.