Frieda's Ready to Eat Edamame

Ready to eat. No cholesterol. Low in fat. Contains soy isoflavones and proteins. Low in sodium. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Edamame: Also known as beer bean or Mao Dou, Edamame (pronounced eh-dah-MAH-meh) is a fresh soybean in the pod and has a long history in many Asian cultures as an hors d' oeuvre. Fresh soybeans are a great tasting, more nutritious substitute for lima beans. Dear Customer: For free recipes, e-mail us naming the store where you purchased this Edamame. Your satisfaction with this product is 100% guaranteed. Frieda Caplan, Founder. 800-241-1771. Facebook: FriedasSpecialtyProduce. Twitter: at FriedasProduce. You Tube: FriedasProduce. Pinterest: FriedasProduce. Low in sodium, no cholesterol, low in fat, shelled, ready to eat.