Pearson Green Peas

Pearson™ Green Peas. Cooking classics. Quick cooking! High in fiber. No cholesterol. No fats! (See back panel for nutrition facts). 15 minute prep time vs hours for dried beans! About green peas: Pearson Green Peas (also called english peas) have taken the long sorting, washing, soaking, and variable cooking times out of the preparation of dried peas. These quick cooking peas will give you the natural flavor and creamy smooth texture you can't find with dried or canned. Once a European food of English descent, green peas are popular in America because of their high fiber and fat free benefits. Enjoy this versatile and delicious pea with your many exciting cooking ideas! Quick hints: side dishes - salads - casseroles - soups - pot pies stew - pasta - creamed - mixed vegetables. Yield information: one 12 oz package of Pearson green peas starts with approximately 8 oz of dried peas. One 12 oz package = 2 cups = 4 servings. The peas should not shrink in cooking. Recycling information: Please recycle packaging.