Tastee Sweet Potato Chips, Lightly Salted

All that flavor. And SweetPotatoes with Crunch. Grandma says it can't be true. For years Grandma has been telling us to eat our SweetPotatoes - they're good for us! Nutritionists agree the SweetPotato is the healthiest of all vegetables because its high in nutrients and fiber content. Now..using Tastee's special low heat cooking process..comes Tastee's SweetPotato Chips. They're rich in nutrition and retain that true SweetPotato taste. Tastee uses a special small batch process (sort of like Grandma) to assure our SweetPotato Chips are the finest anywhere. Tastee's SweetPotato Chips are great with any meal, after school, or any time you want a healthy snack. Crunch a few Tastee's SweetPotato Chips over any salad, give some to a friend, and watch them disappear at parties. Our family goes wild over Tastee's SweetPotato Chips. Yours will, too. Drop us line about how your family munches Tastee's SweetPotato Chips. All natural. No Preservatives. A great source of Vitamin A & Beta Carotene.