Red Rock Winery's Reserve Malbec reveals ripe berry and floral aromas with fresh flavors of boysenberry, currants, and cherries. The rounded tannins offer a silky mouth feel, ending in a smooth, fruit-focused finish. In order to ensure an exceptionally balanced wine, our winemakers blended a few different varietals into our Malbec to soften the tannins and add spicy and rich flavors. We take care to balance body with flavor, achieving a delicate harmony found in only the finest wines. This Malbec is an excellent match for a variety of foods including barbecued or roasted chicken, pasta or ravioli in a red meat sauce, and cheeses such as Asiago, Romano, Fontina and Gouda. Although it was historically grown as a blending grape in the Bordeaux region of France, it has seen recent popularity as a single-varietal wine out of Argentina. Malbec, a thin-skinned grape, thrives with the abundance of sun and warm, dry weather offered in some growing climates in California. Like France, California has traditionally used Malbec as a blending grape but opportunities to showcase this full-bodied varietal are increasing. Malbec is characterized by its deep purple color, smooth tannins, and ripe fruit flavors.