REESE'S Big Cup Peanut Brittle Flavor Creme Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups Candy, Christmas, 1.4 oz, Pack

Imagine all the flavors of your favorite peanut brittle candy made into a single REESE'S Big Cup treat, and you have yourself the perfect holiday candy. Plus, these Christmas candies are full of crunchy peanut butter to make each bite extra exciting. Stuff these REESE'S peanut brittle peanut butter candies into stockings, pour them into candy bowls or place them inside lunch boxes for a sweet midday surprise. Covered in peanut brittle flavored creme and stuffed with crunchy peanut butter, REESE'S peanut brittle cups don't disappoint when it comes to bold, scrumptious flavors. Share handfuls of REESE'S candies with friends, co-workers, classmates and loved ones, but be sure to save a few for yourself, especially during movie marathons. If you enjoy baking, try incorporating these creamy yet crunchy peanut butter cups into your best Christmas candy recipes. Replace classic chocolate chip cookies with a batter full of crumbled peanut brittle cups or keep it simple and have these treats as the main dessert. Enjoy the sweet flavors of peanut brittle creme this holiday season with REESE'S candy!