Tasty Choco Mocha No Bake Easy Dessert Kit

No need to shuffle through the cookbook or browse the internet for hours next time you need to make a chocolate dessert. Tasty - the team behind your favorite recipe videos on Facebook, has got you covered! Each no bake dessert kit contains chocolate crust mix, mocha pie filling mix, and chocolate fudge topping; you just need to add butter and milk to create this delicious chocolate mocha dessert treat! This no bake dessert is easy to prepare and takes little time. We suggest using our dessert kit during holiday gatherings, parties, picnics or just as a regular treat. Tastys no bake chocolate mocha bars are sure to please your friends and family with their smooth, velvety texture and rich, creamy chocolate flavor. Each 12.7 ounce box includes all the necessary ingredients which are individually sealed. The Tasty No Bake Choco Mocha Dessert Kit makes eight servings when sliced into single serve bars.