vitaminwater Water Beverage 20 oz

(C + EGCG). Naturally sweetened. 10 calories per serving. We all wish we could be kids again, but let's face it - it ain't gonna happen. If you want to play a game of red rover, you better have a chiropractor on speed dial. Cowboys and Indians isn't really politically correct these days. And we don't think your boss will look too kindly on an innocent game of doctor. So while we can't give you back your childhood, we can load you up with vitamin C, antioxidants and EGCG. It'll help give your metabolism and immune system a boost to fight those free radicals that make you age. And it does all this with only 10 calories and natural sweeteners. So feel free to spin off the cap (and maybe later the bottle). Nutrient rich, calorie poor. Contains no juice.