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    18.5 oz


    Gold Peak® Tea Diet Green Tea. New. Flavored With Other Natural Flavors. Home Brewed Taste. 0 Calories Per Bottle. 18.5 FL OZ (1.16 PT) 547 ml. How does Gold Peak crafts its home-brewed taste It starts in the mountains where high-quality tea leaves are picked for peak flavor. In addition, Gold Peak uses pure filtered water for a taste so good you'll swear it's homemade. Take one sip and you'll feel it too. The taste that brings you home™. Caffeine content: 23 mg/18.5 fl oz. Low sodium. Please recycle. Consumer information call 1-800-488-2267. www.goldpeakbeverages.com/tea. ©2016 The Coca-Cola Company.






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