Welcome to the Xtra Valu Rewards Card!
Sign up for your Xtra Valu Rewards Card Today! shop. earn. save.

1. Fill out the membership form available at the service desk. Complete all boxes including your full name and address.
2. If you have an email address, complete that portion exactly as it should appear.
3. Take your completed form to customer service in the front of the store.
4. Receive your new Xtra Valu Rewards Card and 2 Key Tags.
5. Present your new Xtra Valu Rewards Card or Key Tag to the cashier at the beginning of each order and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Immediate Rewards!
Look for signs throughout the store identifying exclusive deals only available to our customers who use the Xtra Valu Rewards Card. You’ll earn points on most of the groceries you buy. You’ll earn 1 point for every 10 cents you spend in our stores. Those points can be redeemed for everything from occasional free items or reductions of your total at checkout! By law, we cannot reward points on Alcohol, Tobacco, Lottery, Services or Pharmacy Prescriptions. But everything else is eligible to earn you points! Or you can save up your points and get $20 in FREE groceries! Just redeem 22500 points and we’ll reduce your total bill by $20!
Welcome to the Club!
Every time you purchase qualified items, you’re one step closer to earning a free one! Click HERE to see which clubs are currently active and start earning your free items today!
How much will I save?
How much you save will depend on how much you purchase each time you shop. While the amount of items and savings available each week will vary, there will always be  promotions that you can participate in. But in general, you may be able to use points to reduce the price of items… in some cases all the way down to FREE! We are always working on other ways to use your points through special promotions. Watch for details!
Load Digital Coupons Directly to your Card!
By visiting our Digital Coupon page you can load major manufacturer coupons directly to your card! No need to cut them out, carry them around or worry about expiration dates. When you purchase an item for which you have loaded a digital coupon, it will redeem immediately, saving you even more money! And no need to scour the internet for the best coupons. We’ve gathered them all together in one easy location! Click here to start adding digital coupons to your card!
Will you sell my name and address to others?
NO! ValuMarket will only use the information provided to keep you up to date on all the great, money saving Xtra Valu Rewards Card specials we have in store for you or to send out special mailers in the future. Customers can elect not to receive these offers by checking the do not mail box on the application and opt out for any future mailers. ValuMarket will not release your name, address or any other information to any outside company. Your privacy is our concern.
Can a husband and wife use the same card?
Yes, in fact it is encouraged that all family members use the same card number to maximize the use of the Xtra Valu Rewards Card program. It helps to ensure that your purchases are going to the correct household.
Update your information.
It is very important that you update your information as it changes so that you will not miss out on any special offers sent through the mail. You can go to Customer Service and fill out an application. Be sure to include your current card number in the card number box and mark the box “Change of Information.” You will need to fill in your first name, last name, address, city, state and zip code. All other information is optional so you can fill in only what you want ValuMarket to have. Or you can update your information directly on this website by clicking here. Note that changes made via our website can take up to 24-hours to update in our system.
Why are you collecting data on my purchases?
Once we know what you purchase, we will be able to send you offers on things you actually buy, such as discounts for buying pet foods, breakfast items and a variety of other items as they become available.
Can I use my Xtra Valu Rewards Card with our Curbside Direct Online Grocery Service?
Of course you can! Just look for the field to enter your Xtra Valu Rewards Card number the next time you log in and you’ll start getting Xtra Valu every time you shop online too! Find out more about our Curbside Direct Online Grocery Service by clicking here.
I found a set of keys that has an Xtra Valu Rewards key tag on them.
If you lose your keys and they have a Xtra Valu Rewards key tag on them, they can be dropped in a mailbox and they will be returned to us at the address on the back of the key tag. Once they’ve been returned to us, we will look up your information and mail your lost keys back to you. This is another important reason that we have accurate information on every customer.

ValuMarket is committed to being the best at serving the needs of our customers. We pledge that we will not release your name to any list service or manufacturer, and that such information will be held in the utmost confidence, even within our company.