HERSHEY'S Drops Milk Chocolate Candy, 7.6 oz, Resealable Bag

Bring a combination of crunchy and creamy into your home, office and road trip moments with HERSHEY'S Drops milk chocolate candy in a resealable bag ready to meet your snacking and sharing needs. Each poppable treat offers creamy, classic HERSHEY'S milk chocolate coated in a satisfyingly crunchy candy shell, and if you find yourself with some left over, easily reseal the bag for lasting freshness. Spruce up movie night by mixing these sweet candies with your savory popcorn, making both the popcorn and your movie night warmer. Throw some HERSHEY'S Drops into your favorite covered candy dish at the office to give co-workers a much-needed midday snack. Pass this bag around on your next road trip to make sure the whole group of adventurers gets a delicious crunchy treat. There's nothing quite like the satisfying sound of HERSHEY'S Drops milk chocolate candies pouring into your hand before a snacking session. Looking to spruce up your gift-giving skills? Try adding these crisp, melt-in-your-mouth treats to any holiday, Valentine's day, Easter or Halloween candy collection for stunning flavor that are sure to surprise and delight anyone celebrating with you. Happy snacking!