Ragu Fresh & Simple Pasta Sauce, Smooth, Traditional Tomato Basil

Clip it; pop it; pour it. A fresh pouch every time! All natural. Not a low calorie food. Eat smart. Based on US Dietary Guidelines. No preservatives; no sugar added; full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of pasta sauce. Let's feed our kids well! Ragu fresh & simple pouches are an easy way to feed our kids well, even on busy weeknights. Good-for-you sauce your family will love with none of the clean-up! No preservatives in there! Eat smart. US Dietary Guidelines recommend eating a varied, nutritious diet within your calorie needs. Each 1/2 cup of sauce contains a full serving of vegetables, contains no trans fat or added sugars and is free of artificial additives, preservatives, cholesterol, and saturated fat. All ingredients are natural or naturally derived.